Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thing 21 Podcasts and Vidcasts

I have heard about photostory and had never used it. NOW I am so excited and my mind is racing with all the things I can do with it. I'm also thinking about how the students will enjoy using this for book report and or various projects. Photostory is very user friendly even for the novice!

I have a friend who lives in California who went and took pictures of all the Michael Jackson tributes after he died. I asked if I could share these photos with everyone and of course the answer was yes. I hope that everyone will enjoy this.

I have tried for 2 hours to post my photostory. I keep getting a message that I've listed below. The only customer support I have found is to post a question which I have done. I think my brain is fried today so I am going to move on and try this tomorrow. I am going to go ahead and post this to keep things in order and will come back and edit...hopefully getting my photostory uploaded! Aarrrrggg

Sorry, there was an error uploading your video. Please contact support and include the following information:
Blog Id:2378420211455348434Video Id:edeb014a0828e5f3


  1. pretty much the problems with photostory getting into the blog come down to how it is MUST be the wmv version which is muti-screen saving when you get to that point. If you are trying to upload a wp3 version it never will.
    Go back to your PS and and advanced to the saving screen will start in the middle of page, not the simple save link at the bottom.
    After starting in the middle, it will bring up several screens,

    after get the wmv copy then you use the little vidoe icon to add it to your post!

  2. Thanks so much...I went and checked and I had saved it as a wmv file. Regardless I tried it today and got it to upload! Thanks so much for your help!!

  3. I had the same problem today, but I finally got it to work.

  4. I really enjoyed the video. I have been doing PhotoStory's for quite a long time. The kids at school love creating book talks with this program. Now- thanks to you and other smart people, I know how to post to my blog.