Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thing 15 - Library 2.0

I love my profession! Education is constantly changing, but I believe that librarians are some of the few that acutally embrace change and are ready to accept and learn new things. We don't like being in the dark ages we love continually learning and sharing all the new experiences with others, be it teachers, students or parents. I loved it when I read that Librarian 2.0 listens! We listen to the teachers and the students. We understand how to incorporate what is going on in the classroom to learning that will be relevant to students. We also understand that playing around with new technology is the best way to learn it. So many times others don't want to allow that "play" time. But that time to just play with something new and allow ourselves and others to mess up and try again until we get it! We celebrate those attempts that may be looked as failures by others because we know those unsuccessful attempts will turn into success after enough time is given to keep at that new concept / technology. Teachers are much more fearful of those unsuccessful attempts at newer technology than students. It is that fear that keeps many teachers from branching out and making learning relevant to today's students. The only way to become proficient with the ever changing and new technology is to play! So as Librarian 2.0 we get to reach our hand out to teachers and let them know it is alright to not be successful the first few times they try something. Students aren't afraid to try and part of our job is to bring the teacher and student together in their learning and making it relevant to them and to this generation it is with technology!

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