Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thing 12 - Commenting

I really enjoy reading varioius blogs. I find it heps me to broaden my views. However, like many, I am a lurker. I hesitate leaving comments. I think this is because I feel my comments won't be useful or enjoyable to anyone.l I know if I will try to leave short and relevant comments I might actually create a dialogue...wouldn't that be fun!

I have a friend in California who is an avid blogger. He is also an author ready to bloom! I think blogging helps him in his writing. I follower his blog and find it interesting on what he chooses to write about..just about everything from politics, architecture and sports. Even though I have known this friend for years and feel comfortable commenting...I don't. As I continue to follow his blog, I am going to force myself to leave comments and see what happens. I will keep them short and relevant.

I also have a video blog that I follow of a musician/singer. This is quite fun! If you have never heard of Imogene need to follow her!

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