Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thing 23 - The End

The ending of this course it only the beginning for what I will be able to do this school year!
I am so excited about everything that I have learned and have had the opportunity to play with this summer. From my summer experience I will be able to continue to "play" and share these wonderful experiences with both fellow professionals and students.

1. My favorite discoveries have been photostory and rollyo. I had heard people say how easy photostory was but I was skeptical...not any more! Being a librarian on multiple campuses and working on research units for different grade levels and school I find rollyo to be user friendly and very practical. I am very excited about including these two discoveries into my school year. Personally I have really enjoyed the rss feeds. I don't know that I will use this as much professionally as I will on a personal level.

2. This class has provided me the opportunity to stretch my wings with technology in a very practical and comfortable setting. I found being able to work on my own time frame to be very helpful and non -intimidating which is very comforting in learning new things. As a life long learning goals continue, I can see that I will look back on this program and recognize how instrumental it was on my growth in technology.

3. I was unexpectedly surprised when rollyo was my choice over delicious. I had used delicious before and was familiar with it. Therefore I went into rollyo thinking I would never really use it. However once I started playing and exploring rollyo I quickly discovered this was my choice! I was amazed that I switched my way of thinking and will only be using rollyo this year.

4. Library2play was a very pleasant educational experience. When I did have trouble with uploading my photostory a comment was quickly posted to help me. I never found myself in a panic that I couldn't make something work. I knew that the support I needed was available.

5. I would LOVE to take part in another discovery program like this. I especially enjoyed it being over the summer where I actually had time and didn't feel rushed. This has been a wonderful opportunity.

6. This learning experience has been like the heartbeat of technology.