Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thing 8

I love the idea of the RSS and readers! I can see where this will save me so much time. Instead of me going to the blogs....they come to me and at my convenience! I can see where this is going to save me so much time and help me grow professionally. I can see where the RSS and readers can also be enjoyable just for personal interests and followings of those things.

I think for me I need to set up a reader for my personal interests. This way I will keep my personal and professional separate. What I like about the idea of the RSS and readers is that I have one location to go to when the time is right for me! I can see where the idea of creating folders to help me keep things organized will also be helpful. I am also thinking that I should set aside time once or twice a week when I go and take the time to catch up on the blogs that I have subscribed to. In doing this I will devote a specific time to professional growth. Of course doing this for my personal interest blogs will be much easier.

I think sharing the usage of RSS and readers with others at school will also help in their professional growth. It can also be used as a huge time saver. Once teachers have practiced this on their own I think they will be much more open to setting up a classroom blog or grade level blog and then these could easily followed. So much of new technology I feel is getting a comfort level. I believe, at least for me, that once I have achieved that level on a personal basis it is easy for me to share it with others. I think this will be the same for teachers. I know after this summer I will feel comfortable sharing this new tool with fellow educators. I already have an idea of a few teachers that I am going to really work with as soon as school starts. I am hoping that I will then be able to persuade them to try this blogging and google reader as a classroom project. I even think about pulling a few students out of each class at each grade level and starting something myself so the teachers can see how easy it is!!!

I think lifelong learning is all about keeping your mind open to new and different ideas. Not being afraid to try new things and even to mess up is a part of being open minded to new ideas. None of us try without messing up in some particular way. I think as we take these new ideas to our fellow educators and let them know that is okay to feel like they can mess up and it isn't the end of the world. In keeping a sense of humor along with an upbeat spirit, I think I can get many of my fellow professionals to attempt blogging and using google reader to follow blogs.


  1. I like my reader too. Although I set up both professional and personal folders I seem to spend most of my time in the personal folder. But that's okay since it's summer and I need to catch up on all the gossip and triva stuff I missed during school.

  2. I learn more from my Google Reader and Twitter than any other way. After I finished the program last summer, I kept discovering and adding new feeds which enriched my teachers and students. I have heard that is even better and I mean to try it out since we use Firefox at our school. You might want to look at it before you get in too deep.

  3. Hi Amy! I too really like the Reader for the same reasons as you! I like that all the news and blogs I visit are in one spot instead of clicking around to get what I need. Raising three kids and a husband I just don't have the time I would like to browse my blogs and news. I keep adding neat things to my reader as I work through the 23 things.
    Amanda Maslonka

  4. I agree with you 100 percent that it is very important to learn from your mistakes and understand that it is okay to err. I almost point out my mistakes to my students so they can understand this point. It makes me human and gives they what I believe is a safe environment to try, make mistakes and try again.