Friday, June 5, 2009

Thing 2 - Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning allows individuals to stay current in their career and the world around them. It also is a way of connecting to younger generations. Lifelong learning also keeps the mind active and creative juices flowing. Learning new things can also boost self esteem and self reliance. As a librarian lifelong learning will allow me to keep up with those librarians fresh out of school as well as with those students who are already current in many of the new technologies that are up and coming.

In lifelong learning the most difficult thing for me is setting a specific goal. My goals are usually too broad and then I easily get off task. I have to make myself select a specific goal so I am unable to veer off in a different direction or get distracted. The easiest thing for me as a lifelong learner is to teach others. That comes very natural to me. I am an outgoing people type person and enjoy working with other. I am always happy to work with others teaching them and demonstrating new ideas as well as mentoring others.

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