Saturday, May 12, 2012

EDLD 5362 Information Systems - Course Reflection

Managing information systems takes more than just making sure everything is working properly.  A vision and plan for technology is vital to managing information systems.  Without this vision and planning current systems become outdated and may not adequately meet the needs of the school district. The assignments and readings in EDLD 5362 helped give me a deeper understanding and depth of how school districts use information systems.

Through the interviews with a teacher having 20 plus years experience and my own experiences I recognize the vast change in the classroom along with technology.  Solomon & Schrum (2007) suggest that the administration will have to encourage and require the use of technology before any significant change in teaching will occur.  Being held accountable for what goes on in the classroom is key for the implementation of 21st century technology.  Leadership and accountability are key for success of student achievement in schools.  Moore (2006) said “Good-to-great organizations avoid technology fads and bandwagons, yet they become pioneers in application of carefully selected technologies.  This statement had an impact on how I view and even respect school district technology departments. Looking at the goals of the district I can see how the technologies chosen are aligned with district goals. 

Many teachers, including myself, share the idea that web filtering can be a “royal pain”.  However, we all recognize that there is a law to protect children and to prevent embarrassing technology moments for staff and/or students.  Careless (2007) stated “For staff, web filters prevent access to inappropriate sites that could not only interfere with their jobs, but might also cause considerable embarrassment to their employers should such surfing become public knowledge”.  I really enjoyed the Horizon Report during week 4.  This article helped me better view the classroom becoming more collaborative and becoming integrated with smaller portable web enabled devices.  I am excited to see how districts start piloting BYOD as well as how if districts decide purchasing hand held devices more economical than laptops.  As this progresses districts will need to shape their acceptable use policy to reflect BYOD. 

The analyzing of my districts Long Range Plan for Technology allowed me to gain understanding of how my district plans for and implements technology in the classroom.  I also found the goal setting to be visionary for moving our district towards engaging students by using technology.  As a future technology facilitator and leader, studying my districts long range plan helped me to see the direction we are moving towards as we implement 21st century technology.  After analyzing the Waxahachie ISD Technology Plan I can recognize how technology is an integrated concept that is used across the curriculum that impacts student learning. 


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