Sunday, March 4, 2012

EDLD 5364 Webconference March 4, 2012 Reflection

Welcome to the world of technology!  There were lots of glitches!  There was a lot of conversation going on but very few answers. Someone asked for anyone to explain what we were supposed to do in Week 2 and that question which I also needed answered.  Cindy Cummings had been kind enough to allow me to call her on Saturday.  After that conversation and reading some of the upcoming assignments I still had questions.  My daughter had pictures planned for this afternoon and I rescheduled them so I could be a part of this web conference.  Obviously, I was disappointed and left the webconference feeling more confused than helped. I was also disappointed that none of my group members were attending the conference.  With that said, I understand that with technology there are always glitches and I am still a supporter!

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