Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Texas Long Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020 Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning area of the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology has a broad vision that impacts learners of the 21st century. The No Child Left Behind legislation required that all students be technology literate by the 8th grade. Curriculum alignment and opportunities for educators to visit and observe effective classroom technology is essential for educators to be prepared for 21st century learners and classrooms.

Students must must have 24/7 technology tools and resources to be global learners. The learners must also be given real world problems and the opportunity to solve those problems collaboratively. Educators must follow research based plans and goals to increase student achievement.

Analyzing four elementary campuses in my district, I discovered that 50% of the elementary schools were at the Developing Technology standard. In looking at the 07-08 statewide standard summary the majority of campuses show to be in the Developing Technology level of progress. Therefore I believe the trend In the area of Teaching and Learning is at the Developing Technology level, but making strides of quickly moving to the Advanced Technology level.

To reach the Target Technology level it will take work and commitment by not only school districts, but from teachers along with funding by the state. It is my opinion that the state and local district must provide laptops for each student to have on demand access in order for the Target Technology level to be reached. It is also of my opinion that teachers will need more training and /or experience to reach the technology comfort level to have the ability to seamlessly integrate technology into all core areas of education. This goal of reaching the Target Technology level is achievable and in sight with the cooperation of all stakeholders.

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